Invasion: Modern Empire

Invasion: Modern Empire (War Zone - World of Rivals)

Battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse

The year is 2020. Devastation and destruction after decades of war have left the population decimated, the earth scorched and the soldiers fierce. What's left of humanity have learned that the only safety is in shooting first.

Take command in Invasion: Modern Empire, the worldwide online war RTS that allows you battle it out for world domination. Invasion lets you engage in player versus player combat in a real-time strategy setting, with an emphasis on community engagement and decision making.

The first step in taking over the shattered earth is to build a base. Governments have fallen, nations are no more and the only law left is that of might, so you'll need a strong camp if you are to survive. Construct buildings to train soldiers, build weapons and defences or face defeat. The choices you make for your base determine the soldiers and vehicles you have at your disposal, so plan carefully.

The basis of any army is the soldiers. Enlist and level up your troops with experience gained from battle to create a legendary force of fighters to fit your particular play style.

Within a worldwide player-base, join a guild and expand your territory by engaging in second by second battles. Make quick decisions on the battlefield by leading your troops and raiding enemy bases on the real-time map, but make sure your own base does not get taken in a surprise raid.

Chat with your guild mates to plot strategy and share intel about enemy troop movement, form alliances with other factions or try and take their land.

Download Invasion: Modern Empire today for free and join the thousands of other worldwide players that are already fighting for control of the world. The latest game from renowned developers tap4fun features regular updates and a helpful community, with future updates planned.

In War Zone, ally with your friends to fight for territory and experience exhilarating, real-time alliance battles! Join the fight Now!


Fight for every inch of land and expand your guild’s territory!

• Plunder the enemy, and expand your territory while stealing resources!
• Know your enemies. Collect intelligence to dominate opponents!
• Know what the enemy is up to with a real-time panoramic map!

Attack and plunder crucial "monuments" with your guild members!

• Experience the constant change and surprises of real-time battle!
• Create diplomatic ties with other players as you see fit!
• Fight in huge Monument Wars with tons of other players!

Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic War Zone of the year 2020! Governments and cities have fallen as rivals compete for survival, power, and the ultimate domination in the chaotic new age.

Invasion: Modern Empire


Invasion: Modern Empire (War Zone - World of Rivals)

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